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..Understanding acoustics so you don’t have to..

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Welcome to 101 Acoustics Ltd....

101 Acoustics provide professional, competitively priced, UK wide acoustic services with a fast turn around time.

Based in Birmingham and Gwynedd we pride ourselves on our client focused approach, helping to guide each project, large or small toward a successful outcome.

Do you require:

  1. A sound test (sound insulation test) for Approved Document E of the Building Regulations?

  2. A work place noise assessment?

  3. A noise condition on a planning application to be discharged?

  4. Design advice or an initial consultation for an upcoming noise sensitive project

  5. Acoustic advice for a recording or performance space?

If so then please call us on 0121 350 9713 to discuss your project needs with an acoustic consultant with no obligation.

101 Acoustics..

                ..”Understanding Acoustics so you don’t have to”..

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phone: 0121 350 9713   email:  info @101acoustics.co.uk