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Recording Studio & Performance Space Acoustics

101 Acoustics Ltd. provide acoustic design advice for recording studios and performance spaces. From bedroom studios to project studios to commercial recording facilities, we offer acoustic advice for studio construction teams on studio acoustic design and treatments, including the following services:

Premises Appraisal, Noise Survey

  1. Providing advice concerning the suitability of the Client’s intended premises in spatial, structural and acoustic terms.

  2. Measurement and appraisal of ambient noise and vibration levels.

  3. Trouble-shooting existing acoustic interiors.

Feasibility Studies

  1. Establishing construction methods appropriate for the Client’s brief, the site conditions, and acoustic isolation requirements. These will range from simple acoustically damped rooms, to those with fully ‘floated’ isolation shells and full room acoustic treatment.

  2. Providing initial sketch layouts,

  3. Specification of acoustic treatments such as diffusors, absorbers and sound isolation.

  4. Measurement of reverberation time and defined treatments to provide optimum reverberation times for recording and performance spaces