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Sound Insulation Testing

Have you been asked to complete a sound test on your new or refurbished residential property?

A sound insulation testing certificate confirming compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE) - Resistance to the passage of sound is required by your building control officer to certify your residential dwelling (semi-detached or terraced house or flats).

How can 101 Acoustics Ltd. help you? 

  1. We carry out sound tests for Approved Document E for all sizes of development, from the conversion of a house into flats to large newly constructed developments.

  2. We provide sound insulation advice having many years of experience working with developers and architects designing residential developments to meet sound the insulation standards required by the Building Regulations. We can review your architects’ plans and construction details to allow us to assess the potential performance of the separating partitions within your development to assess if they are sufficient.

  3. We can arrange a site visit to review and discuss the options that are available to you.

  4. We offer reduced rate preliminary pre-completion testing to check if your converted property conforms to ADE when you book your final test with us.

Please call us so that we may guide you through your scheme’s sound insulation requirements and testing process.

What does sound insulation testing entail? 

  1. Separating walls and floors are tested in flats, and separating walls are tested for semi-detached or terraced houses. 

  2. Walls are tested for airborne sound transmission between two habitable rooms where possible

  3. Floors are tested for both airborne sound transmission and impact (footfall) sound transmission. 

  4. If a flat is located above a commercial premises, ADE does not require impact sound testing of separating floors to be carried out.

The number of individual partition tests varies from development to development. A simple barn conversion with one party wall may only requires the testing of one partition, however five flats in a converted house above a shop may require eight or more tests dependent upon the development layout and construction detail of the separating partitions. 

Failure to conform to ADE will mean that your Building Control Officer will be unable to sign off the property and therefore that the property cannot be sold, but if you have had a test that has failed we can evaluate your test report and construction detail and offer recommendations to upgrade the current partition in order to conform to the requirements of ADE.

Please call us so that we may guide you through your scheme’s sound insulation requirements and testing process.